Organic good vibes and blissful harmonies light up the authentic and uplifting sound of FAIVA across an ever-expanding repertoire. Made up of lifelong musicians Dr. Grant Muāgututiʻa, Vaea Aʻetonu, and Loa Greyson, FAIVA is a band that embodies the power of shared passion, vision, and devotion. 

Though each member of FAIVA hails from Samoan descent, they found their connection through living in Southern California. Their individual journeys have been diverse, but their unwavering love for the art form brought them together. In fact, the term "FAIVA" itself celebrates this concept—the musical realm is their home, and their playing connects them as brothers. 

Three unique artists, collaborating out of a shared passion for their own historical lineages. The crooning balladeer with unparalleled ability on lead guitar, the falsetto RnB vocalist with impeccable bass and ‘ukulele skills, and the soul singer with faultless rhythmic guitar playing required to kick up a groove with good vibes a plenty for all who listen.

After years of searching for the right combination to form a genuine Samoan group, the three artists finally crossed each other's paths. Recognizing the clear unity of their roots and musical abilities, they came together, and the rest is history. 

FAIVA embraces their heritage and infuses their music with the rich cultural traditions of Samoan music. Their deep-rooted connection and commitment to their craft create a captivating and memorable experience for listeners. As they continue their musical journey, FAIVA seeks to inspire others to embrace their own heritage and find unity through the power of music.