Organic good vibes and blissful harmonies light up the authentic uplifting sound of FAIVA across an ever-expanding repertoire. Made up of lifelong musicians Dr. Grant Muāgututiʻa, Vaea Aʻetonu, and Loa Greyson, FAIVA embodies the power of shared passion, vision, and devotion for the music of Polynesia. 

Though each member of FAIVA traces their ancestry to the islands of Sāmoa, they found their connection while living in Southern California. Their individual journeys have been diverse, but their unwavering love for the art form brought them together. In fact, the term "FAIVA" itself celebrates this concept — the musical realm is their home, and their playing connects them as brothers. 

Three unique artists, collaborating out of a shared passion for their own living lineages. The crooning balladeer with unparalleled ability on lead guitar, the falsetto RnB vocalist with impeccable bass and ‘ukulele skills, and the soul singer with faultless rhythmic guitar playing required to kick up a groove with good vibes a plenty for all who listen.

After years of searching for the right combination to form a genuine Samoan group, the three artists finally crossed each other's paths. Recognizing the clear unity of their roots and musical abilities, they came together, and the rest is history. 

Nominated "2023 Best International Pacific Artist" by Pacific Music Awards, FAIVA embraces their heritage and infuses their music with the rich cultural traditions of Samoan music. Their deep-rooted connection and commitment to their craft create a captivating and memorable experience for listeners. As they continue their musical journey, FAIVA seeks to inspire others to embrace their own heritage and find unity through the power of music.

Loa Greyson

Describing himself as akin to Clark Kent and Superman, Loa Greyson, also known as Tini Grey, unveils the duality of his identity. Born Tinifuloa Grey into a musical lineage with his father, the esteemed Samoan folk/pop artist Jerome Grey, and his brother Taumata of the Common Kings, Loa initially embarked on his musical journey in Hawaii as part of the Polynesian R&B group "Reign," releasing an album in 2001.

Relocating to California in 2007 with his family, Loa was compelled to carry forward his father's legacy after Jerome Grey suffered a stroke during a live performance. Transitioning into a solo career, Loa Greyson drew inspiration from a diverse spectrum of musical influences, weaving together elements of R&B, Motown, Soul, Folk, Hawaiian, and Pop. His unique blend, infused with acoustic rock and Polynesian sounds, reflects his broad musical palette.

As a songwriter, Loa channels positivity, love for family, and a keen awareness of contemporary social issues into his lyrics. His musical style traverses playful, upbeat tunes to more contemplative, bluesy compositions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of his artistic expression.

Loa's resonant baritone and soulful delivery draw comparisons to a fusion of John Mayer and Jack Johnson. His discography includes debut solo recordings like "Better Place" (2011), "Shades of Grey" (2012), and "Thoughts of Christmas" (2013). In 2015, he collaborated with acclaimed songwriters Chris Gelbuda and GRAMMY® Award winner Tim Fagan, producing the single "Waiting For Me on the Shore."

Witnessing a surge in popularity, Loa earned accolades like GigMasters' "Best of 2013" and "Best of 2014" Awards. His extensive performance history includes appearances at renowned venues such as the House of Blues, Ford Amphitheatre, Roxy, Downtown Disney, Disneyland Hotel, and various Hawaiian and Pacific Islander festivals.

After the success of his debut album, Loa redirected his musical focus, exploring his native language and genre. Singles like "Nifo Oti" and "Malietoa" showcased his evolving artistic direction. In 2019, inspired by his father's health challenges, he released a cover of Jerome Grey's original hit "Eleni," garnering international attention and radio play in Hawaii and Samoa.

During the pandemic, Loa found new creative outlets, producing a children's online show called "Nalu's Wave" and co-writing the musical "We Are Samoa," depicting the life of his father Jerome Grey, set for release in 2025. He also contributed to the soundtrack of Survivor Season 42 and 43 and worked on ADR for the TV show NCIS Hawaii.

In 2021, Loa formed the Polynesian acoustic trio FAIVA, dedicated to reviving indigenous Polynesian music and inspiring youth to embrace their culture. Their debut single "Valovalo Mai" earned them a nomination for "2023 Best International Pacific Artist" at the Pacific Music Awards.  They are aiming to bring Polynesian music to the masses. One of the ways to achieve that is by winning a Grammy.  Just as Hawaiian music qualifies, they are working towards entering their music in the Regional Roots Category.

Loa Greyson's television appearances include Season 7 of The Voice, and he has shared the stage with diverse acts from J Boog and Justin Young to Henry Kapono and Willie K. Critics praise his versatility, describing him as a performer unafraid to infuse his life, truth, and vision into compelling music. The albums have been lauded for their soulful essence, positive messages, and Loa's captivating vocal prowess.

For more information about Loa Greyson, visit loagreyson.com.

Grant Muāgututiʻa

Dr. Grant Muāgututiʻa's musical journey is a vibrant tapestry woven with a deep commitment to preserving and promoting Polynesian cultures and languages through various artistic endeavors. His notable experiences in the realm of music include serving as a Musician and Choreographer at the esteemed Paradise Cove Lūʻau in Ko Olina, Hawai'i, where he contributed his talents for four years.

At the Le Fetūao Samoan Language Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i, Dr. Muāgututiʻa held the position of Director of Performing Arts for three years, further solidifying his dedication to the promotion of Polynesian cultures and languages. His contributions extended to the We Are Sāmoa Festival at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Lāʻie, Hawai'i, where his musical prowess was showcased for five consecutive years.

Dr. Muāgututiʻa's musical and cultural expertise has graced significant events, including the Oceanside Samoan Cultural Celebration, Pacific Islander Festivals in San Diego and Huntington Beach, the American Samoa Flag Day, Pasifika Festivals in Auckland and Hamilton, New Zealand, and performances at the iconic Hard Rock Cafe in Waikīkī.

In the academic sphere, Dr. Muāgututiʻa currently holds the position of Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the California State University at San Marcos. His academic journey includes earning a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, where he taught courses focusing on Pacific languages and cultures. His research interests lie in cultural maintenance among Pacific Islanders in the diaspora and the acquisition of Polynesian languages through performing arts.

With a Master of Arts (MA) in Linguistics from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Dr. Muāgututiʻa established the Polynesian Outreach Program at the Oceanside Unified School District in Southern California, emphasizing his commitment to educational initiatives.

Recently, Dr. Muāgututiʻa has taken on a pivotal role as a cultural and linguistics consultant for Disney.  His involvement in this project underscores his influence in shaping cultural narratives and promoting linguistic authenticity in mainstream media. His commitment to preserving and showcasing Pacific Island cultures extends to this exciting venture with Disney, further solidifying his impact on a global scale.

Dr. Grant Muāgututiʻa's multifaceted career as a linguistics professor, musician, and advocate for Polynesian languages reflects his unwavering dedication to the preservation and promotion of Pacific Island cultures and languages. His work serves as a testament to the importance of maintaining these invaluable cultural treasures for the benefit of future generations.

Vaea A'etonu

Vaea A'etonu stands out as an exceptional male artist whose illustrious career has left an enduring impact on the realms of entertainment and music. Boasting a decade of invaluable contributions to Disney's creative ventures, Vaea has become an integral part of the company's artistic landscape. His journey as a versatile artist is adorned with numerous milestones and noteworthy accomplishments.

In the vibrant tapestry of the reggae scene, Vaea A'etonu's musical prowess shines brightly. As a seasoned guitarist, he has graced the stage alongside esteemed artists such as Fiji, Tenelle, Pati, Local Culture, Swells, and more. His soulful and melodic guitar performances not only complement these artists but also elevate their shows to unprecedented heights.

In 2013, Vaea's unwavering dedication and exceptional musical abilities earned him the coveted title of winner at the prestigious Weekend In Polynesia Talent Contest. This triumph served as a resounding testament to his outstanding talent and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Vaea's musical journey commenced in his homeland of American Samoa, where he honed his skills performing alongside local legends like the late Harry Miller. These early experiences played a pivotal role in shaping him as an artist and laid a strong foundation for his subsequent successes.

Presently, Vaea A'etonu is a pivotal member of the burgeoning Polynesian Trio, FAIVA. This dynamic musical group is poised to make waves in the industry, and Vaea's contributions as a guitarist and performer are certain to captivate audiences worldwide.

Beyond his solo endeavors and involvement with FAIVA, Vaea A'etonu remains deeply engaged in the vibrant cultural performing arts community of Southern California. This underscores his commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural traditions of the Pacific Islands.

Vaea's extraordinary career serves as a testament to his dedication, passion, and unparalleled talent. His journey, from the enchanting islands of the Pacific to the grand stages of Disney, the reggae music scene, and now as a member of FAIVA, reflects a life devoted to the arts and an unwavering commitment to sharing the beauty of his heritage with the world.

As a self-taught musician, Vaea immersed himself in genres such as Jazz, Rock, RnB, Reggae, Country, and his favorite, Polynesian music. Today, he is hailed as the preeminent guitar player from Samoa, showcasing the culmination of his diverse musical influences and profound dedication to his craft.